Are The Boutique Investment Banks Making A Strong Comeback?
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Teamwork at boutique investment banks

Are The Boutique Investment Banks Making A Strong Comeback?

This article presents a short summary of trends in investment banking (pre-and-post credit crisis), and also highlights key features of boutique investment banks, its differentiators, and some key challenges. This article is based on author’s live work experience with global investment banking firms.   During the golden days of the […]

US public finance bankruptcy

Key Learning from the US Public Finance Bankruptcy Cases

Summary As an asset class, public finance was & is always considered to be the safe haven for conservative investors, and a good hedging instrument for active investors in the capital markets. However, some of the bankruptcies filed in the history of US public finance space defy this investment perception. […]

A buyside review of 2016

Capital market themes in 2016 – A buyside perspective

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to look back at the bygone year, to reflect on key trends, note key learning, and plan ahead for the new year. When I reviewed capital market events in 2016 from a buyside (asset management) perspective, among other trends, two […]

Atwood bulle_baer-edited1jpg

Is Atwood Oceanics An Opportunity In Disguise?

Foreword This blog article presents an investment view of Atwood Oceanics Inc., from an equity and credit perspective, based on ValueAdd’s proprietary financial model. This model helps portfolio managers/research analysts generate multiple investment ideas across the capital structure (equity and credit/debt), thus enhancing their probability to outperform the market. This article was first […]

Hotel image

Dubai’s budget hotel industry will outperform the broader market. Here’s why.

Dubai hotel industry is gearing to meet the potential demand expected in Dubai through 2020. It is expected to service ~20 million tourists in 2020, on the back of i) Dubai’s Expo 2020, ii) a host of upcoming tourist attractions, and iii) a steady economic growth despite the oil price […]


FinTech: Is this set to poise as a neo-banking or is only the noise?

Guess everyone knows by now – what is FinTech? FinTech is a buzzword that has been constantly making the right noise in technology, investments and start-up circles since last two decades. Investors across the globe are following it close on their heels. We have extreme views of experts believing that […]


Value-addition – an effective tool to achieve 100% client delight

Introduction to Value (value delivered, value perceived, and the real value)! The client expectation (i.e. perceived value or standard baseline or benchmark expectation) is like an inflation that will always increase year on year. And, it is important to meet these accelerating expectations to keep clients satisfied. However, it may […]


Trending Ideas – Will SABIC sail through rough waters?

Summary Saudi Basic Industries Corporation’s (SABIC) wide product portfolio, economies of scale and diversified geographical mix to help steer performance through the challenging markets Slow demand recovery, increased feedstock cost and lower product prices would lower FY 2016 earnings, however improvement is expected from FY 2017 onwards on anticipated oil price […]