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An opportunity to build great careers with us…

ValueAdd is one of the fastest growing companies in the research outsourcing space. We believe that our success is measured by client successes, while our competence is measured by the quality of team that runs the show. We also believe that capabilities of human assets virtually have no boundaries, provided it is nurtured in a conducive environment that offers a good combination of challenge, motivation, knowledge, freedom, trust, and fun. Needless to say, we are an equal opportunity employer. Accelerate in your careers.

Here’s why ValueAdd is a good career option

Truly an entrepreneurial culture

1426005025_678134-sign-check-64Leadership and entrepreneurial qualities are no more restricted to founders, CXOs, and senior management. We encourage every single employee to be equally entrepreneurial in her/his thoughts, behavior, and actions

Client-centric approach

1426005034_user-group-64Our endeavor is to achieve client delight by offering value-adds in every single initiative, output, and service delivery

Collective decision-making

We proactively involve employees in decision-making process to make to reduce possibilities of bad decisions. We believe that every decision should benefit the client, the firm, the team, the individuals, and the society

Open work-culture

1426005174_notepad-64This culture not only covers the accessibility to the management, but also covers the freedom of speech. Everyone is free to openly express her/his ideas, appreciation, and criticism at any formal/informal platform. And, more importantly, you will be certainly heard

Accelerated learning opportunity

1426005067_star-64The variety in terms of clients, regions, industries, research areas, nature and complexity of work, and talented dynamic professionals, offers unlimited learning opportunity to excel in his/her professional career

A Learning/Growing Organization

1426006368_678078-light-bulb-64We always tend to work outside our comfort zones, to achieve extra-ordinary results; and effective learning happens only in discomfort!

Rewards commensurate with performance

1426005268_ribbon_1__We believe in merit-based rewards when it comes to performance. And, the compensation is benchmarked with the industry standards. There is no alternative to performance

Live life @ work

1426005319_678081-life-buoy-64Our team is like a second family, and hence we encourage our team to live and enjoy their life at work. Frankly, work is no fun, however there can be enough fun at work….and you got to experience it!

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