Industry Research
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Industry Research

We leverage our vast and in-depth industry experience to meet our clients’ strategic, tactical, and investment research requirements, including industry analysis, benchmarking, competitor intelligence, industry and regulatory updates, and news surveillance. Our team has diversified experience in mainstream industries as well as niche or next-generation industries, which help our clients in making well-informed business decisions.

Our talented and experienced team of industry research professionals has hands-on experience to handle the regional nuances of the industries. These teams also act as independent industry labs and monitor and provide key industry updates regularly, helping clients with Center of Excellence (COE) facility support.

Industry experience by man-hours of research


Market analysis/assessment

We help our clients in analyzing various trends in the markets, sectors, regions, products, demand/supply, regulation, and consumer behaviors, by leveraging our rigorous research approach and experience. The key objective is to identify growth opportunities for our clients to widen their market segments, improve the market penetration, and increase the market share.

Market sizing & opportunity evaluation

The focus is on providing factual and accurate quantification of markets both in terms of volume and pricing. The analysis is more prospective than just historical, and conclusive than just analytical. This helps our clients assess the markets better, focus on ‘right’ markets, and tap potential market opportunities in a timely fashion.

Market segmentation

Our segmentation is based on single or multivariable market segmentation, including sub-segmental, geographical, psychographic, behavioral, and demographical. We offer key benefits including identifying target customers, positioning, formulating suitable strategies, and differentiating product/price, to strengthen their market share.

Competitive landscape

The market mapping exercise zooms on the competition to assess the alternatives available in the market place. The regular periodic market surveillance, strategy research pieces, and competitor profiling (including SWOT) helps keep a close tab on the competitors. It helps in devising accurate strategies across brand positioning, advertising, marketing, sales, and pricing.

Primary research

The primary research covers seeking expert opinions/views from renowned industry leaders/experts, suppliers, customers, competitors, and other relevant market players on the subjects of client interests. The research helps support in proving or disapproving the research hypothesis.

Survey support

The primary surveys are conducted through online, email, and phone to ensure timely and accurate responses on the subjects. The combination of secondary research, survey reports, and primary research can lead to phenomenal research discoveries for clients.

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